YooHoo VOD 3 (S1, Ep.23~32) 1.0.4

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YooHoo, Friends, Animation, Pamee, Lemmee, Roodee, Chewoo, baby, kids

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★ What is YooHoo & Friends?
YooHoo & Friends is a virtual world based upon characters created by Aurora World. The characters are based upon real animals in their natural habitat all over the world.
Some of them are endangered and children will be able to learn about each animal. Children will be able to watch YooHoo & Friends animations.

★ Who is it for?
YooHoo & Friends is designed for 5-12 year olds, but certainly appeals to all ages.

★ YooHoo & Friends : Episode 23 ~ 32 (Only Korean Animation)
- Finding the Shiny Pebble!
- The Little Meerkat as Chewoo’s Friend
- Sleeping Pammee in the Forest
- Over the Altai Mountains
- RingRing the Panda - 1
- RingRing the Panda - 2
- Sparkey the Fake Mediator
- Roodee, Leaving friends
- Meerkat the Great Inventor
- Trouble Babysitting!

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